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جوجل بلس

About the Saudi shares application for the iPhone for  Free:

The application of the Saudi Stock iPhone wonderful which use modern and stylish way, where you can download the application and through identification of electronic markets and the prices of various stocks and updates, where through the new application you can do to take advantage of the new services provided by the site users are plain and simple .

It is worth mentioning that the application is one of the first applications in this area that supports the Arabic language in full, as the application will give you enough information on the status of the stock in Saudi Arabia, and various provinces in them, and it gives you all the details on the prices of different currencies and details, and expectations fall and rise their own, for use in future times.

Features the application of the Saudi Shares :

The application is characterized by a number of wonderful features, make him admired all users where the application is characterized by the following matters:

The application is a free download on iPhone through Apple Stores shop, and you can download it fast and light due to its small size and the speed of loaded on the device, and does not work on the weighting device, or filled its own space, or the competent device memory where not working on a slow machine .

It supports the Arabic language application in full, where the first application that supports the Arabic language fully considered, among other applications that share prices offered in several languages, including Arabic is not a language, help to increase the turnout of Arab users on the application to support the Arabic language.

You can run the application through the Internet, as it works without the Internet, but without the constant updating of the data, so that in cases of necessity, you can see the prices that are stored in the program and take advantage of the stock and currency rates steadily and continuously through the wonderful application.

The application has a wonderful and beautiful interface and works to attract users, since the interface is simple and contains all the contents of the application is easy and uncluttered and without the need for research and trouble to look for different options.

How to use the application of the Saudi shares  prices for the iPhone devices:

  • At first you have to download the application is easy and simple through the Apple Stores shop and take advantage of all the services provided by the application.
  • After you install the application you open it in order to get all the services provided by the application, and enjoy the services provided by the application.
  • You have to click on checking the prices of different currencies to get to know the prices of the various currencies in an updated, continuous and continuous option.
  • You can press to learn about stock prices in all governorates of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to learn about the different Saudi share prices.
  • You can run the application at any time and any place easily.
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