Download Memorizing Holy Quran for PC free

جوجل بلس

Download Memorizing Holy Quran for PC free


Memorizing the Quran is an application that permits users  to Read, Listen, and Memorize the Holy Quran.

The pages, lines, and text style are designed precisely to coordinate the Madinah Print “Mushaf Al-Madinah.

The application has four modes: Read: Allows the users  the Quran and flip between pages Listen. Also,  allows the users to stream Quran recitation from more than 50 recitations attached  with interpretations and allow the users to  indicate a specific verses to be circled inconclusively for remembrance.

Additionally permits the users to save  the circle as a MP3 record in the Music library for fare to different re-using s or disconnected playback.

Review : This mode conceals every one of the words on the page and by tapping, clicking, or looking over the mouse at the application which will uncover single word at once for the users  to confirm his remembrance.

 The application will likewise recall the last state as  it was in when shut. It additionally permits users to look for words in the Quran utilizing rearranged Arabic. The application has a list by Sura, chapters and  page highlight.

Quran Memorizer ,it is  a complete and natural, giving elegant  sound elements to help individuals learn recitation  (Tajweed) and memorize  (Hifz) the Holy Quran.

It is Effective and simple to utilize and a good  choice of both youngsters and advanced users , take in the correct recitation and memorizing  of the Holy Quran.

It has an Arabic textual style, full screen mode and playback tool which  makes the Qur’an learning knowledge charming.

It is really an elegant application that has a prominent characteristics :

★ Elegant and easy interface.

★ Fully adaptable sound controls for listening the Surahs (or chose scope of verses) with with repeat, pause, FF and RW features.

★ Quick and simple route between ayahs amid playback.

★ Advanced sound repeat choices to help with remembrance – repeat a single verse multiple times, repeat on reaching the end of a surah or select a range of verses to loop over.

★ Synchronized show of the ayahs amid playback.

★ Gap-less sound playback.

★ Quran Display amid playback; decision of Complete Sura or Single Ayah mode.

★ Keep playing sound on exit from application or regardless of the possibility that the devise  is turned off .

★ Verse by verse recitation by different scholars :

  • Abdul Baset Abdul Samad
  • ▪ Mahmud Khaleel Al-Husary
  • ▪ Muhammad Ayyoob bin Muhammad Yoosuf
  • ▪ Muhammad Siddiq Al-Minshawi
  • ▪ Sa’ad bin Said Al-Ghamdy
  • ▪ Sa’ud ibn Ibrahim Ash-Shuraim

★ Themes, Night Mode, Brightness Control and Font Size Adjustment for the best reading experience

★ Bookmark spares the points of interest (reciter, sura, begin and end of ayah, delay and gathering/verse for the best reading experience

★ Information about each surah including implications of the surah name, number of ayahs, , Makki/Madani, customary request and the sequential request.

★ Crystal clear sound.

★ Sharp and fresh vector show and  display .

★ Works on Android devices with or without Arabic support.

★ Offline playback in the wake of downloading sounds (no information association required).

★ App is intended to introduce on SD card.

★ Free future updates .

★ Plus substantially more.

Thus, we highly recommend you to download this application for more benefit.








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