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USB VCS program Arabic is one of the best Flash Memory programs and fix and USBfix programs is used to remove viruses and malware on the stick and USB devices that are connected PAL USB such as portable smart phones, digital cameras and other hardware and software allows you to repair damaged files on a USB device In addition to detecting compatible with all versions of Windows, such as Windows Vista, 7 and 8XP, etc.

It  can be done  through USB flashes reform software  without having to form simple and easy to use, practical and consumes processor  resources, and said that the transfer of data files process through Flash or Almimori Card to the computer, or vice versa from the daily operations that occur.

 Due to  the ease without causing process using USB a lot of damage to your computer because of the possibility of a lot of viruses and malware.

Here comes the role USBFix software  to eliminate all harmful computer virus threats and give you a detailed text viruses and the damage, the report easy to use and can be easily and smoothly, free suppository available and worth the experience on your computer.

Most cases of computers and laptop with viruses and malware are the result of memory stick connected to the computer where these viruses copy themselves to any flash memory and flash once connect to another computer is transmitting the virus or malicious program

And examination of flash memory Memory, which requires special software based inspection and cleaning of the flash memory well and this is done through the usb fix software program that scans a comprehensive flash memory and hard drive also checks the computer itself and get rid of the virus spreading fast.

You can also mobile phones examined by examining internal memory after maintaining  computer, and the software will fix the files that caused viruses .

More it can does a periodic update and continuously to reach the maximum degree of protection by knowing everything new types of viruses.

The  program change means and his actions in the fight against these viruses as the program creates a text file that contains all what has been done to discover and repair to clarify what he had done for the user program.

The program is distinctive to protect your computer from viruses mobile across different storage of flash memory media or hard drives or mobile phones, but do not consider the way comprehensive protection , therefore has to be the use of anti-extra virus program .

Due to the frequent use of flash memory by students and frequent exchange via computers, the USB Fix program of the best simple and free solution to get rid of malicious malware that attack and passed from one device to another via flash memory.

The program is compatible with all systems and versions of Windows, such as Windows Vista, 7 and 8 and XP

Features  of the software

  • Free and easy to download the program through direct links.
  • Compatible with all operating systems and all versions.
  • The program supports multiple languages.
  • The program generates a text file containing all of the files examined by the infected files and details.
  • The program is characterized by his speed in the examination of storage media from flash memory or hard drives or portable phones.
  • The program is simple and easy to use interface.
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